Finding a therapist

Here are two good sites if you're looking for a therapist:

Marriage Friendly Therapists specializes in marital therapy.

Therapist Locator includes family systems trained therapists for individuals, couples and families. You can search for someone in your area and read about them to help you make your selection.

Books and websites

There are many good sites and books relevant to psychological wellbeing, parenting, and healthy family functioning. Also sites that provide training materials or focus on Restorative Justice. Here are a few of my favorites:

Authentic Happiness: Multiple questionnaires that help you focus on healthy relationships and your own strengths.

GenoPro: Learn more about family systems. If the link doesn’t work go to and write "family systems" in the search.

Texas Christian University Institute for Behavioral Research: Manuals for healthy living, addiction, parenting; some particularly focused toward prison work.

Peace is Every Step and other books by Thich Nhat Hanh.

You Can Go Home Again: Reconnecting with Your Family and other books by Monica McGoldrick.

Restorative Justice: Mediation, victims services, schools, training.